As a common habit, Vietnamese people often decorate their houses with peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, and kumquat trees during the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival in the hopes for luck, wealth, and happiness to their family.

For Vietnamese people, especially in the north, peach blossoms are the flower of Tet and an indispensable part of every Vietnamese family in this occasion. The flower is considered a sacred symbol of renovation and strong growth.

Peach fruits are symbol of longevity, bringing hopes for a long life for all people of the family. Meanwhile, peach blossoms also bring the feeling of romance and prosperity, which are loved by youngsters that are in the mood for love.

The red flowers are also believed to hold the essence of “ngu hanh” - the five basic elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) that can drive away evil spirits and bring about peace and happiness to people. Red is believed by many to be the color of prosperity.