Willemsen-Weijs grows a number of unique pot plants in its nursery at Langstraat in Gendt, such as Desert Roses (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora), the Madagaskar palm (Pachypodium Lameri) and the slipper plant (Calceolaria).

Because of the PAR sensor, the growers know exactly how much light the plants are receiving for photosynthesis. In addition to this, there is a a link to the screens above the glasshouse via a special computer programme. If the light becomes too intense, the diffusion screens can be used to decrease the strength of the sun light. There are also energy screens that help to save energy. The result: Stronger plants and less energy usage!

In order to set up the project, Willemsen-Weijs worked together with another business from Gendt. Trintech is a business with a lot of expertise in the area of sensors and climate regulation. In order to make this technology affordable, the growers made use of subsidies from the Lingewaard local council, 'Subsidies for sustainability in horticulture.'

Source: Greenport Arnhem Nijmegen

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