The old adage “Good things come in small packages” certainly applies to this rose. It is a small bush growing 0.65m to 1.0 metre tall and 0.5m wide.

The classically shaped, pale apricot flowers are only 3 to 4 cm in diameter. They are either borne as single flowers per stem or in clusters of 4 to 12. The beautiful, high-centred flowers are perfect for small arrangements, button holes or for the show bench. The plant produces blooms throughout the growing season and is outstanding in spring and autumn and continues to flower through summer.

‘Jean Kenneally’ was bred by famous rose breeder Dee Bennett in California, USA, in 1984. Dee Bennett was known as the ‘Queen of Mini Roses’ and bred and introduced over 80 varieties.

Dee was born in Western Australia, and immigrated to America as a war bride, settling in San Diego. She joined the newly formed San Diego Rose Society and became good friends with the Society’s President, Jean Kenneally. In 1971 she visited rose breeder Ralph Moore and his little roses, called minis. With his encouragement she learned everything she could about growing and propagating miniatures. She opened her rose nursery in 1972 and as the business grew she tried hybridising roses. Over the next 14 years Dee bred some of the best miniature roses in America. Upon her death in 1987 she left over 150 test roses which were being evaluated. Her daughter took over the nursery but Dee Bennett did not live to see her finest creations including Irresistible and Luis Desamero.

This lovely miniature ‘Jean Kenneally’ has become popular throughout the world. It is healthy, attractive and reasonably resistant to pests and diseases. Great as a border plant and also grows well in pots.

Purchasing this plant can be a challenge, but it is relatively easy to strike from cuttings and it is always available on the plant stall at the Rose Society’s Spring Rose Show.

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