New varieties of the variety group "Jollies" will be available for the next bedding plant season 2016/2017.

With Jollies Brest a very early flowering, upright variety with single flowers comes on the market. The variety is bushy and compact, has numerous smaller flowers and is suitable for the culture in packs. Jollies Brest is blooming white/purple and is early flowering.

Jollies Trailing Bizet is a half hanging variety with double flowering blooms in red/blue. Jollies Trailing Bizet has a well branched habit, which ensures that the plant is covered with flowers all over and not just at the end of the stems.

The new Jollies Trailing Chartre flowers in red / white and has a half hanging growth. Jollies Chartre is the counterpart to Jollies Trailing Bizet.

Jollies La Grande Savoye is the first hanging La Grande variety from Brandkamp. The thick-filled, very large flowers appear on stocky stems, so that the variety produces a very good habit. The flower color is white/cherry and gives a strong contrast.

The management of Brandkamp emphasizes that the work on the Jollies Fuchsia Line will be continued in the coming years.

The Jollies novelties and many other new varieties like Calibrachoa Calimero or Petunia Marisco will be shown at the Flower Trials in Holland.

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