"White is the key to spring combinations", said Rick van Luijk when presenting the new single flowering pot chrysanthemum Breeze White of Dümmen Orange during the FlowerTrials. This new white Breeze variety enables growers to combine all seven colors in the series and make spring combinations as they all have uniform growth habits.

Rick van Luijk of Dümmen Orange presenting new white pot Chrysanthemum Breeze White. More on this later on FloralDaily.

White in combinations
According to Van Luijk, white is needed to make spring combinations. "The varieties in the Breeze series all have uniform growth and flowering habits. So, the series has always offered growers the possibility to offer combinations, but the colours mainly offered possibilities for end summer and autumn colour combinations. This was mainly because we were missing one important 'color': white. White seems to be the key to spring combinations."

Uniformity of the Breeze series.

So, after introducing the Breeze White, Dümmen Orange started to trial different combinations and they seem to grow well in different areas. "We conducted trials with our Breeze series in North America and Western Europe (the main production areas) and in both regions, they proved to be similar in growth and flowering", says Van Luijk. For FlowerTrials, they set up trials in the Netherlands and Germany. "The combinations grew very well and we were proud to show all materials to interested growers, distributors and retailers during the FlowerTrials. The presentation in a 7 color bowl is a successful way to present a new product and show the uniformity of the individual varieties as a combination, which could also be used to make 3 color combinations focused on the different seasons spring, summer and autumn."

Dümmen Orange during the FlowerTrials.

Popularity combinations
Van Luijk has high hopes for Breeze combinations, in particular in the USA. "In the USA, people adore plant combinations." However, also in Europe, the combinations seem to gain more popularity by consumers.

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