Wyevale Nurseries has recently announced that it has seen growth in 2016 and 2017 so far of more than 10% each year on its shrub category after several years of decline.

The Hereford-based company has seen significant increases in reserves for 2018 already placed for shrubs with a number of general A-Z lines already selling out.

Adam Dunnett, Sales & Marketing Director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “This is fantastic news and shows shrubs are making a comeback. There is a demand from retailers and from the amenity market too.

“Flagship shrub ranges for us include the Hydrangea such as the Hydrangea Magical Series, for which we have UK exclusivity, and Hydrangea Miss Saori, winner of Chelsea Flower Show Best New Plant for 2014 and not forgetting Hydrangea LA Dreaming, which flowers with pink, purple and blue flowers on the same plant. A stunning shrub.

“Phormium is also a very popular shrub with our customers and we have seen an increase in demand for Phormium ‘Chocomint’. It is a distinct two tone Phormium with chocolate midribs and mint edges.

“We have a new Phormium for 2018, which is Phormium Blondie, a dwarf variety with an arching habit. Our Phormium production has increased by more than 60% for 2018 so we will have about 40,000 3ltr pots and 8,000 7.5ltr pots.

“We have also reintroduced some of the standard A-Z reserves in to the 2018 catalogue such as the Ceanothus collection. There are also several new shrub introductions in the catalogue such as Ceanothus ‘Cool Blue’, Cordyline ‘Electric Pink’, Magnolia ‘Cameo’, Syringa Bloomerang Collection, Dianella ‘Wyeena’ and Ilex ‘Little Rascal’.”

Ceanothus ‘Cool Blue’ is a variegated Ceanothus, which is full hardy. Upright and broadly spreading in habit it remains neatly compact. The foliage has a deep green centre with striking cream contrasting margins. The plant will be smothered in pale blue sweetly scented flowers in late spring.

Adam added: “Cordyline ‘Electric Pink’ is outrageously bright. Shocking electric pink edges with darker red markings up the centres of the leaves. A stunning variety, bound to tempt impulse buys. Ideal for container planting or as single specimens.

“Another new shrub is Magnolia ‘Cameo’. This Magnolia is extremely floriferous producing masses of purple-red flowers with centres which fade from red to white. The flower shape is similar in form to tulips. It has a compact habit and will form a small tree in time.

“The Syringa Bloomerang Collection are compact growing repeat blooming Syringas. They are highly fragrant and pink or dark purple flowers are produced in spring and again in mid-summer to autumn. The collection is highly attractive to butterflies.”

Dianella ‘Wyeena’ is an architectural plant to bring drama to the garden. The broad foliage is olive green with white margins and grows with an upright, arching form. Ideal for planting in swathes or as background plants to smaller grasses or shrubs. It has great cold and frost tolerance.

Adam continued: “As its name suggests Little Rascal is a compact, dense evergreen with spiny bright green leaves and small white flowers in spring. The foliage turns deep purple in winter, is eye catching and gives great seasonal colour throughout winter.”

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