Preserved flowers, like regular plants, are completely natural products that have undergone a preservation process aimed to maintain their beauty over time without needing hardly any maintenance, i.e. no light or water.

These products, very sought-after today for interior decoration, have become trendy in many countries of the world, especially in Europe.

At Verdissimo, they know this well because we’re one of the leading producers of preserved flowers, so in this article, they'll tell you what these preserved flowers are called in different countries, including: Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

Here we go! What are preserved flowers called in some European countries?

Preserved flowers and plants are known in Europe by the following terms:

Preserved flowers in Spain
In Spain, as we’ve mentioned in the article introduction, these products are known as preserved flowers. However, sometimes other terms are also used, such as lyophilized flowers (or freeze-dried).

It’s important to note that freeze-dried flowers aren’t exactly the same as preserved flowers, since the preservation process isn’t the same, as the latter maintains the flowers’ humidity and flexibility.

If you’re interested in learning more about preserved flowers, you can read the article “Do you know about Verdissimo’s preserved flowers?”

Preserved flowers in Italy
In Italy, preserved flowers aren’t known by the term preserved. Italians use the term stabilized – stabilizzati – to refer to everlasting flowers.

Preserved flowers in France
In our neighboring country, France, preserved flowers are also known as stabilized flowers: fleurs stabilisées.

Preserved flowers in Germany
In Germany, the concept of preservation isn’t used to refer to these products. It’s more common in this European country to use the term freeze-dried and lyophilized: Gefriergetrocknete and Konservierte.

However… remember that it’s not the same!

As you can see, the term “preserved” isn’t a very common concept in Europe, so it’s not “typical” to use it in the countries closest to Spain.

There’s a great variety of terms to refer to this product in the different countries we’ve mentioned above: freeze-dried, stabilized and lyophilized. However, not all of them refer to the product we offer at Verdissimo: preserved plants and flowers.

These products involve the plant sap being replaced by a preserving liquid that maintains them over time without the need of water or light.

And, as we’ve already mentioned, they’re products meant for decorating interior spaces: homes, offices, etc.

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