Last week, Az. Ag. Coral Plant - Di Angelo D'Apuzzo in Torre del Greco, Italy had an open house for their clients of Lisianthus cut flower in co-operation with Gasa Young Plants and Sakata.

Here they present two groups (series) of commercial varieties and experimental varieties from Sakata. Many growers from all over Italy came to participate in the event.

Besides the presentation of the variety, Sakata had a presentation and a little seminar for the grower about growing technique, what to have focus and attention on, etc.

As Angelo Di D'Apuzzo and Marco Scognamiglio say: "It was our first open house and became a bigger success than expected. It could only be a reality with support from our two partners, Gasa Young Plants and Sakata."

"We can only look forward to our upcoming open house in week 27 where there will be new Lisianthus trials", they say with a smile.

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