The 'For the Love of Roses' event was held Tuesday evening at the Fragrant Garden location of Parfum Flower Company. During the event, the company announced it will compensate the CO2 of all roses from Tambuzi in Kenya from now on. According to the company, Tambuzi is also the first rose grower in the world that can offer CO2 neutral roses to all wholesalers and florists that are supplied via Parfum Flower Company. 

Intern at Parfum Flower Company and student at Hogeschool Wageningen, Elisa Zandvliet, mapped out the total emissions of the roses grown by Tambuzi in Kenya in collaboration with Rick van der Linden of Greenhouse Marketeers. This involves an enormous amount of data from everything that is emitted during production and shipping. From the fertilizers and rubber bands that go around the bunches to the cooling of the roses and the fleet that transports to and from Parfum Flower Company. 

The calculation resulted in a specific amount of CO2 per rose sold, which can then be compensated by various providers of CO2 compensation. One of the providers that is going to compensate (part of) the CO2 emissions is Bamboo Village in Uganda. Bamboo is planted there on a large scale to store CO2. 

Elisa Zandvliet: ''It is so important that we do business in a sustainable way. I think it is great that Parfum Flower Company has decided to really get started with this. In my opinion, this is only the beginning, and I sincerely hope that the lead-by-example principle of Parfum Flower Company will encourage more growers around the world to calculate their own CO2 footprint and find ways to compensate this.'' 

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