China's Yunnan Province: from a big flower province to a strong flower province

As the first batch of national rural reform pilot areas, Kaiyuan City insists on system innovation and key breakthroughs, deepens agricultural supply-side reforms, and takes the opportunity of creating a "one county and one industry" demonstration county to adhere to the development of "great industry + new main body + new platform" and also start the regional brand of flowers. "Colorful cloud chrysanthemum" continues to grow and develop, becoming the main force to promote the high-quality leapfrog development of plateau-specific agriculture. In 2019, Kaiyuan City was successfully approved to create a national-level modern agricultural industrial park and a demonstration county of "one county, one industry" in Yunnan Province; February 28, 2020, the " Colorful cloud chrysanthemum" trademark issued by the State Intellectual Property Office was successfully registered. Nowadays, with the strong colors of spring and the blooming flowers, the creation of a national-level modern agricultural industrial park and the demonstration county in Yunnan Province is like a pair of big wings, helping Kaiyuan to fly high.

A flower triggers a garden
Spring breeze blowing, everything grows. In the tide of reform and opening up, Kaiyuan, a "city pulled by a train," developing and growing in the wind and rain and moving forward in its struggle. From scratch, from small to large, successive Kaiyuan municipal committees and municipal governments have worked hard to paint the blueprint of Kaiyuan's efficient modern agricultural park. In the " Story of Time", many flowers of dreams have been blooming and painted a magnificent picture of the stories.

Some people say that Kaiyuan High-efficiency Modern Agricultural Park seems to be outstanding just “in one night”.

In Yangjie Township, a few years ago, on the land where corn and rice were sporadically planted, 23 well-known flower companies have now gathered, including 5 with an investment of over 100 million RMB and 3 with international cooperation. Walking through the park, on both sides of the road, there are many domestic floral leading enterprises such as Yunnan Abida, Shanghai Honghua, Zhejiang Fengdao, and Shanghai Lishen Xinyuan. In the over 400-hectare park, elements such as technologies, talents, capitals, markets, and platforms are deeply integrated with location and natural advantages, demonstrating tremendous creativity, vigorous vitality, and unique cultural charm.

Aiming at the opportunities for the rapid development of the flower industry in Yunnan, Kaiyuan City is guided by the market and adjusts the structure of the agricultural industry. After repeated demonstrations, even arguments, and collisions, it was finally determined that the development of the city should be discussed, co-constructed, and shared with an open mind, with better services, more efficient management, and more flexible mechanisms to accelerate the construction of efficient modern agricultural parks.

In December 2016, the construction of Kaiyuan City ’s efficient modern agricultural park began. In the spring of the following year, thousands of hectares of land in Yangjie Township will no longer be planted with corn. Many greenhouses broke out of the soil.

"From the planting of the first batch of flower seedlings, the innovative genes of reform and opening-up have been grown." An agricultural expert who witnessed the construction and development of the park said with emotion.

In the past, the management mechanism of the park was used to adopt the administrative model. The departments were cross-functional, leading to difficult coordination, and the efficiency was not high. Reform requires the courage to try. Kaiyuan City broke through the “Release the Power of Management” to reform and innovated the financial investment method of supporting agriculture. Honghe Chuangsen Highland Characteristic Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. conducts unified planning and design, unified land transfer, unified infrastructure construction, and unified investment attraction to form a capital integration mechanism of "multiple-direction inflows, one pool storage, one-way outflow", which helps to construct an efficient modern agricultural park integrating high-efficiency modern agriculture, deep processing of agricultural products, cold chain logistics, online sales, leisure tourism, and business incubation.

Flowers are the way to wealth
Standard modern greenhouses, which are facilitated with varieties of independent innovation, Priva intelligent control system from the Netherlands, a full set of intelligent climate and water and fertilizer control systems, a full set of seedling research and development facilities and equipment, using internationally leading new technologies, new equipment, new processes, intensive and efficient green production, a computer to control the temperature, humidity and other environmental requirements required during the growth of high-end flowers. The efficient modern agricultural park has been extraordinary from the beginning of construction.

Guided by the concept of "great industry + new main body + new platform", Kaiyuan aimed the flower industry at "focus on mid-to-high-end products", striving to build a leading industry with influence in the province and taking a place in the country.

"As the park's popularity increases, investors continue to contact us." Cao Ximin, the assistant to the general manager of the park's operator, Chuangsen company, introduced that the current standards for settling in the park are "has a certain reputation in the world; can be regarded as the industry leader; can cover the whole industry chain production from planting to sales. "

Among the companies that have landed, including Phalaenopsis and anthurium breeder Anthura and rose and gerbera breeder Schreurs from the Netherlands. Among the enterprises with an investment of more than 100 million RMB, Yunnan Abida Horticulture Co., Ltd. has achieved world-class seeding, planting technologies and equipment facilities; Shanghai Honghua Chrysanthemum Seedlings has the largest sales volume in Asia.

As an annotation to another meaning of "focusing on mid-to-high-end products", the person in charge of the park explained: In 2016, on the 75th day after putting into production, Shanghai Honghua Company produced the first batch spray chrysanthemum, all orders came from Japan and South Korea. According to the estimation as four batches a year, the output per hectare is nearly 1500,000 branches, and the output value is about 2.25 million RMB. The land output benefit is more than 150 times higher than that of traditional crops such as corn.

After 10 months of construction, with an investment of over 100 million RMB, the “Yunhua Innovation Center” with first-class facilities and equipment was put into use. In the flower greenhouses, the intelligent climate, and water and fertilizer control system, three-dimensional heating system, and partitioned micro-circulation ecological control system imported from the Netherlands and Israel have created an environment suitable for the growth of flower seedlings.

Faced with the wide area of seedbeds in the greenhouse, Cao Ximin said: Since it finished deployment and putting into use, the "Yunhua Innovation Center" has been able to produce about one billion seedlings per year. The products are mainly supplied to domestic high-end flower companies and the international market in the Asia-Pacific region, which will reach the output value of 70 million RMB and driving 120 employments.

To seize product pricing power and the right to speak in the international market, making it a new driving force for Yunnan province to build a 100 billion-level flower industry is already a new path for Kaiyuan's flower industry transformation. On this road, the municipal party committee, municipal government, and enterprises are planning a game of chess about the scale together.

"One county and one industry" changed the development path of Yangjie and the life trajectory of Yangjie people.

Before the completion of the park, Qian Jiali, a university graduate, chose to work out of the hometown first, and then returned to become a floral worker of Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Co., Ltd. Two months later, she became the backbone of the company's production technology. After the completion of the flower trade display center in Zhihua Town, Qian can come to the exhibition hall to learn the techniques of Pressed Flower Art.

Pressed Flower Art uses flowers freshly planted in the park to make dried flowers, and then process to form artworks. The application of Pressed Flower Art represents the beginning of the second deep processing creation of flowers in the efficient modern agricultural park, and the post-harvest processing and sales methods of flowers begin to try to diversify.

"Visitors in the surroundings recognize these floral handicrafts we have made. They also experience the process by themselves and purchase the products they like. Seeing more and more tourists come to Zhihua to do floral arts with me, I feel very happy. "Qian Jiali's face was filled with confidence and pride.

It is not only Qian Jiali who has transformed. After the completion of the park, 3,000 long-term jobs, and 10,000 seasonal jobs have been created, guiding farmers to become professional workers who can master agricultural industry technology, driving more farmers to get rich and surrounding enterprises to develop together, and achieving agricultural transformation and upgrading and leapfrog development.

The flower connects a city
"It's alright!" After the outbreak of the COVID-19, this sentence became the mantra of Zhu Jianfei, general manager of Honghe Chuangsen Plateau Special Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Looking at the flowers blooming in the greenhouse but with the blocked sales, the loss of the flower companies and flower farmers that Kaiyuan Efficient Modern Agricultural Park has introduced and developed over the past few years is inevitable. Zhu Jianfei looks positive and optimistic, encouraging and boosting the confidence of flower companies and flower farmers. In private, actually he was anxious, struggling to find a way out.

Difficulties and methods coexist, adversity and opportunities coexist. On February 29th, the flower market of Kaiyuan Zhihua Town was opened for the first time on the weekend. 12 flower companies and 21 flower planting professional growers participated. 1,000 bouquets of flowers for free, including mini phalaenopsis, colorful small chrysanthemums, patented gerbera, and other varieties of flowers and the price is sold at 50% or less of the wholesale price of the base. At the same time, the sunflower and rose base held the open-day activities. Many financial institutions were also present to serve flower farmers and flower companies to support the industry.

In addition, the park enterprises such as Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Fengdao Holding Group Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan Tianrun Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd. also carry out self-help through low-cost sales or e-commerce sales.

For a time, the citizens of Kaiyuan knew about the sales difficulties of Kaiyuan flower enterprises through various channels, and they chose to purchase the flowers offline or online, or when it is the good weather on the weekend to go to the Zhihua Town to buy a bunch by themselves. The high-end flowers in the Kaiyuan High-efficiency Modern Agricultural Park have entered ordinary people's homes in many cities.

On March 13th, a "Global Millions of High-quality Flowers Direct Supply" network promotion event was held in Kaiyuan High-efficiency Modern Agricultural Park. On that day, 560,000 netizens have participated in live broadcast interaction on TikTok, Tmall, and Taobao online platforms, achieving an online transaction amount of 230,000 RMB. From then one, Kaiyuan gradually stepped out of the dilemma of fresh flower sales.

In order to fill the gap in the cultivation of plum blossoms in Kaiyuan, after trying to plant more than 20 varieties of the wintersweet series(Chimonanthus praecox), Kaiyuan Tianrun Horticultural Technology Co., Ltd. found that Australian plums were suitable for Kaiyuan cultivation. And finally chose more than 10 varieties, such as pointed, double-flap, etc., have been successfully tested and planted.

Its successful trial planting and seedling raising are supported by strong technologies and talents. The enterprises in the park have 18 invention patents and 54 utility model patents; built the largest chrysanthemum resource library in Asia, retaining more than 3,600 varieties, and successfully developed more than 60 new chrysanthemum varieties, and obtained 46 new chrysanthemum varieties authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign chrysanthemum varieties; reached international cooperation, and established a joint venture company, Baoerjiahui Horticulture Company with the Paul from the US, to develop new technology cooperation and patented seedling production; signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yunnan University, as well as relevant cooperation agreements with China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yunnan University and Nanjing Agricultural University.

With the support of science and technology and talents, Kaiyuan High-efficiency Modern Agricultural Park realizes the research and development of the park's seed provenance and seedling breeding, flower variety and geographical expansion in a short time, high-end flowers extend to middle and low-end flowers; ornamental flowers extend to edible and medicinal flowers; simple flower decoration extend to artistically shaped flowers, small and mini potted plants, combined potted flowers and other products; the planting area extends from the original Yangjie Township to Kaiyuan City; the flower planting classification extends from more than 20 grass flower varieties such as phalaenopsis, eustoma, and gerbera in the past to fresh cut flowers, woody flowers, potted flowers, and fresh food flowers. With the extension of the industrial chain, the added value of flower products has increased, and the primary industry of Kaiyuan City's floral industry has merged into secondary and tertiary industries. It has begun to take shape in the development of a full format, and the regional brand of "Colorful Cloud Chrysanthemum" has started in the market.

Bai Xue is an employee of a flower company. During the epidemic, the company's flowers could not be sold. She built a chatting group on WeChat to provide flowers for sale directly and added her friends who like flowers into the group. Every morning in the group she will publish pictures of flowers picking and relevant sales information.

In the early developing stage of the construction of Kaiyuan High-Efficiency Modern Agricultural Park, high-end flowers were mainly focused. All the flower enterprises introduced were the domestic large-scale, and all of them were sell-to-order. During the epidemic, the sales chain between the companies was interrupted, and there was a dilemma that the flowers could not be sold. Bai Xue used the WeChat group to build a sales platform between enterprises and consumers, which is very popular with consumers.

"The main consumers of flowers are young people, but they may be too busy with work, have no time to go to the flower shop by themselves, or like flowers but do not want to go to the flower shop. After placing an order through WeChat, the flowers can be delivered to the customer. That would be very convenient. "Bai Xue said.

In order to solve the problem of poor sales channels caused by the epidemic, Kaiyuan Efficient Modern Agricultural Park signed a cooperation agreement with China Unicom and China Telecom to build an information network; cooperated with Yunnan Provincial Digital Agriculture Exhibition Hall to achieve the sharing of agricultural Internet of Things in the park and build a complete industrial system; establish a flower research and development center, a flower distribution center, a base for direct supply; build a public information platform, an e-commerce delivery platform, and create a brand-new sales platform for Kaiyuan.

Bring small farmers into the big market and let big enterprises drive the development of the industries. In order to drive farmers to plant, the park formulates a three-step process for them: joining agricultural enterprises to learn technology, internal entrepreneurship incubation, entering into the market, which helps cultivate and incubate entrepreneurial innovators step by step.

The park opened over 5 hectares of open-field farmland in Kaiyuan Tianrun Horticultural Technology Co., Ltd., and organized farmers from various towns and villages to visit and study planting techniques. They chose 10 series of more than 100 varieties such as Australian wintersweet, Australian leucadendro, pincushions, etc. for low-tech planting, low investment, low water demand for irrigation, which are suitable for ordinary farmers to plant; The park provides full technical tracking guidance and quality assurance services; at the time of harvest, the park uniformly assists their sales at market prices. At present, more than 200 farmers have been successfully planted flowers, and Zhang Haibei, director of the Hongtu Village Committee of Yangjie Township, is one of them.

"In the past, my family has been mainly planting vegetables. Last year, I heard that the flower industry had a stable income relative to vegetables. So I tried to plant more than 20 varieties of flowers such as pompon mum, small chrysanthemums, and multi-headed chrysanthemums. The seedlings are provided by Tianhua Company, and technicians are sent to guide us to manage and sell, in the end, the income is not bad. "Zhang Haibei said.

With Kaiyuan City increasing the investment in the flower industry, Zhang Haibei intends to expand the planting area, so that more farmers can see the benefits of planting flowers, and encourage each other to make the industry bigger and stronger.

In order to make full use of the advantages of Kaiyuan's climate, sunlight, altitude, etc., the government, the park, and industry associations participate in the planning and layout together. According to the geographical location, water conservancy conditions and topographic differences of the various towns (streets), the varieties with better markets, stable prices, and better potentials are introduced and also some other strategies are taken into account, such as carrying out zoning, division of labor, and division planting to avoid excessive supply and lead to large price fluctuations.

"One County, One Industry" in Kaiyuan, "Colorful Chrysanthemum" in Yunnan. In the future, Kaiyuan City will continue to rely on the high efficient modern agricultural park to create a modern flower industry with an overall plan of around 2500 hectares, providing 3,000 long-term jobs and 7,000 seasonal jobs, with an output value of more than 3.4 billion RMB. On the journey of Yunnan province from a big flower province to a strong flower province, it has become a new main force.



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