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Italy: The effects of Helkon Ionized Water on plant growth

Italian supplier Helkon is presenting the effects of The Helkon Water Ionization Technology, an eco-friendly solution for the physical (not chemical, chemical-physical nor electrochemical) treatment of water for a broad range of applications. In this article, you can learn more about the technology and the benefits.

According to Helkon, when treating water (and other fluids) with the Helkon Water Ionization Technology, the following is obtained:

  • Modification of the salt crystals and carbonates;
  • Modification of the ion charge from positive (+) to negative (-);
  • Increase of the pH value (reduction of water acidity);
  • Reduction of the molecular cohesion of the water;
  • Bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect on the water – elimination and prevention of microorganisms, algae, fungi, virus and pathogenic bacteria.

Furthermore, due to the above, by using only normal water treated with Helkon Water Ionizers, many plant diseases, and microorganisms have been successfully eliminated in many interventions in different locations and weather conditions like:

  • Flavescence Dorèe (disease of grapevines) caused by Phytoplasma;
  • Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (disease of olive trees) caused by Xylella Fastidiosa;
  • Powdery Mildew; Legionella; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Escherichia coli and other. 

Helkon Water Ionizers

  • Benefits in irrigation, spraying and nebulization applications
    eliminate and prevent incrustations/scale in pipes and equipment;
  • eliminate and prevent spray nozzle clogging problems due to incrustations/scale and therefore increasing spray nozzle performance and durability;
  • reduction of water consumption;
  • reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

In Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and Gardening sector

  • eliminate many harmful crop/plant microorganisms;
  • eliminate and prevent bacterial biofilm growth which cause crop/plant and working tools/surface contamination;
  • revitalize crop/plant energetic state and vital energy;
  • increase crop/plant quality, yield and biomass;
  • in healthy crops/plants, improves the immune system and the prevention of diseases;
  • permit crops/plants to be better hydrated and improve nutrient uptake, due to the reduction of the molecular cohesion of water.
  • Helkon Ionized Water is also used for washing soil contaminated by chemical products used beforehand.

In Plant Bulb production, by the simple immersion pf plant bulbs in water physically treated with a HELKON WATER Ionizer for a short period of time, permit to obtain:

  • the revitalization of the plant bulb due to the vital energy of the HELKON ionized water;
  • the improvement of the plant bulb's immune system and consequently, the prevention of diseases;
  • greater resistance of the plant bulb during transportation;
  • better and faster growth after transplant.

Helkon Water Ionizers:

  • do not require electric power nor maintenance;
  • are easy to install;
  • have unlimited durability;
  • are cost-effective, cost is rapidly amortized.

Effects of Helkon Ionized Water on Plant Growth
- Case Studies –

Ozothamnus-Rosmarinifolius “Silver Jubilee”
Ozothamnus-Rosmarinifolius “Silver Jubilee” is a evergreen shrub of the Asteraceae family. The ultimate height and width is normally between 0.5 – 1 meters. The time to reach the ultimate height is 10-20 years. (Ref.: The effects of HELKON Ionized Water on the growth of Ozothamnus-Rosmarinifolius “Silver Jubilee” have shown to:

  • Significantly increase plant quality, yield and biomass;
  • Plant ultimate height reached 2 meters in 1 year.

Ozothamnus-Rosmarinifolius “Silver Jubilee” treated with HELKON Ionized Water ®

Limonium California Blue
The effects of HELKON Ionized Water on the growth of Limonium California Blue via drip/automatic irrigation system have shown:

  • A significant increase in plant quality, yield and biomass;

Plants irrigated with Helkon Ionized Water for a short period of time after it rains, greatly helps to enhance plant growth and prevent plant damage from rain water acidity.

Limonium California Blue treated with HELKON Ionized Water ® (Photo courtesy of Floricoltura Caro 18015 RIVA LIGURE-IM-ITALY)

Portable spraying unit with HELKON WATER IONIZER


For more information:
HELKON Fluid Treatment Systems
Giuseppe Gallo, General Manager
T: +39 02 46 81 91
M: +39 393 96 63 169

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