Guess what is the one flower Jackie O disliked and didn’t want in any floral arrangements?

It’s the flower of August – the gladiolus.

However, since the legendary Jackie O was a woman whose taste and style was so universally admired, experts understand what her complaint was and actually spent years trying to fix it.

“During the time of Jackie O. and the Kennedy’s, the only gladiolus that were available were glads with florets larger than 3 ½ inches across, mostly larger than 4 ½ inches that stood 5 to 6 feet tall in the garden,” explains Dave Kushnell, the President of the National Association of Gladiolus Society. 

“Many of these were impressive looking, but needed to be staked in the garden and if brought into the house would be put in a corner of a room for support. This explains the reputation they had acquired of being the funeral flower.”

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