From June 21 to July 31, Lazzery will open the doors of their show garden in Meran, Italy. In total, 245 varieties of which 59 "new" introductions will be on display and will be presented in either 26cm pots, 35cm hanging baskets, or in 80cm balcony boxes. "This annual event is made for for growers, buyers, journalist and people in the industry to see, love and consider the outdoor performance of our beet and balcony genetics."

New varieties
In 2021 Lazzeri has introduced a new genetics of interspecific geraniums named “Amazonia”, with 18 varieties divided in 4 groups by different types and uses. For the season 2022 Lazzeri adds other 13 new varieties of interspecific, with a total of 31 varieties, divided in 6 groups, completing the series Amazonia. "For Lazzeri it is an important introduction into the world of interspecific geraniums, that is constantly evolving."

Amazonia is divided in 6 groups and all groups have the following common characteristics: uniformity/homogeneity in the group, uniform size of flowers in the group, lasting flowering, self-cleaning and resistant to heat, easy maintenance and excellent performance in outside conditions.

More series that will be on display are: The mandevilla series Brasileira, including 10 new varieties; osteospermum series Leonardo, including 5 new varieties; and the new series of impatiens Samba with 21 varieties.

Brasileira is new genetic mandevilla. "Very exotic" and the main feature of this series is its diversity of colors and flower shape. "On top of that the series is early and generous flowering, vigorous and very good branching and suitable for pots from 10.5 cm to XXL size, and gives great satisfaction both to producer and to final consumer."

The series Leonardo is enriched with 5 new colors. "The new varieties, fits very good in our new series", have the following features: regularity, homogeneity and good branching of the series which means growth and need of growth retardant very similar, regular earliness and so synchronization in blooming (window about 7 days), very important in the packaging phase."

The Samba series includes 21 varieties which are divided into 3 groups (Classic, Bicolor, and Star) and the main features are: gig flowers, uniformity/ homogeneity in growth, and synchronized flowering.

Eager to visit the show garden? "The Lazzeri team will be at your disposal to present you our several news and highlights for the next season."

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