Together with Syngenta Flowers, Floranova will be highlighting their latest innovations at FlowerTrials 2021 alongside industry favourites and award-winning varieties.

Below, Floranova presents their highlights for FlowerTrials 2021:

Begonia Bossa Nova® Night Fever Rosso
"Bossa Nova Night Fever Rosso is the most striking new addition to the Bossa Nova family to date. It’s vibrant red flowers dramatically contrast against dark bronze foliage.

Just like the rest of the Bossa Nova varieties, Night Fever Rosso thrives in a warm environment making it the perfect option for summer long flowering, even in partial shade."

African Marigold WhiteGold Max and Mini

WhiteGold Max

"WhiteGold Max is a stand-out in any outdoor space, it’s classy near-white flower is an excellent contrasting colour option for mixed containers. WhiteGold Max’s tight, fully double large flowers stand proud from a strong base, giving a solid structure against the elements; perfect in large containers or beds."

WhiteGold Mini

"The market’s first near-white dwarf Marigold; with compact, pompom-like flowers and early secondary blooms. Ideal for packs and small pots, it performs throughout the summer."

Gaura Emmeline
"The first true perennial seed variety from Floranova is Gaura Emmeline; available in two colours, White and Pink Bouquet. With a naturally compact habit and excellent branching, it will flower from Spring through to the Autumn, making it an economical alternative to cutting raised varieties."

"Pink Bouquet will produce colour shades from deep pink to blush white, with darker foliage than Emmeline White."

"Emmeline has outstanding garden performance, even in hot and dry conditions, it can be grown in pot sizes from 10.5cm up to 17cm. It is a great addition to any garden display or retail assortment."

Marigold Endurance  
"The Endurance series encapsulates the perfect blend of a near African Marigold sized flowers and French Marigold timing, creating extra-large double flowers on a vigorous French Marigold-like habit."

"Heat tolerance and sterility combine for unbeatable garden performance for continuous blooming all-season long."

"Available in three stunningly bright colours; Yellow, Orange and Sunset Gold. Endurance is the next generation in triploid breeding from Floranova." 

Due to the pandemic, this year's trial will be mainly virtual, but it is still possible to be part of the Floranova FlowerTrials experience. On-site visits in De Lier are appointment only during week 24. For those unable to travel to or within the Netherlands, one hour Zoom tours are available in week 25 with a Floranova Specialist.

One can register through for an on-site or virtual tour.

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