“Our tinting process maintains the natural touch of the flowers and ensures that we don’t compromise the vase life,” says David Martinez, Commercial Manager at Malima Ecuador. At an altitude of 2.230 above sea level lies this 20 hectare Ecuadorian farm that is almost exclusively dedicated to gypsophila. 

New trend: tinted gypsophila
A new trend has been on the rise on the market: the tinted gypsophila. “Especially the rainbow gypsophila is very trendy with four different colors in each stem. This is quite a tricky and unique process, as only the strongest stems can be used to be cut at the bottom in four parts to let four different colors be absorbed while keeping the quality intact. Still, our tinting process maintains the natural touch of the flowers and ensures that we don’t compromise the vase life,” Martinez says.

Investing in technology
Martinez explains that Malima also uses technology in different ways in order to improve its processes. “For example, because of our investments in the latest technologies, we have been able to reduce around 25% of the water consumption that we use in the post-harvest process. And we can guarantee water purity thanks to our own water purification plant. In the same manner, our automated fert-irrigation process has reduced water and energy consumption. More importantly, the large incorporation of organic fertilizers and beneficial microorganisms has improved our soil quality as well."

All Saints’ Day: a peak in demand
At the moment, the farm is busy with the production for All Saints’ Day on November 1. “This is the most important flower holiday in southern Europe, and we see a major increase in demand. While the weather is relatively warm for this time of year, people can still put fresh cut flowers on the graves of their ancestors to celebrate All Saints’ Day.”

Three channels of distribution
Malima offers 3 channels of distribution; directly from the farm in Ecuador, daily availability directly through Maliflowers B.V., The Netherlands, as well as sales via FloraHolland auctions. “This variety ensures that customers can choose which sales channel suits their needs best.”

“Meet us at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer”
Malima will participate with their own booth at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. This event will occur on November 3-5, 2021. The Malima team is looking forward to meeting you at booth A8.

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