The Illumina is a rotatable propagation grow light with a 150-degree beam to deliver light exactly where it’s needed. At 24 Watts, the Illumina has efficacy of 2.1μmol/s. Exceptionally lightweight, the Illumina offers several different mounting options from the included clip rings to surface mounts and suspended installation.

“With the Illumina, SpecGrade can now offer cultivators a complete lighting solution for every stage of the grow cycle, from propagation to vegging to flower,” said Rick Nathans, SpecGrade LED’s CEO.

The Illumina comes standard with SpecGrade LED’s P2 propagation spectrum, a full spectrum high in the blues between 420-460nm. Compatible with 0-10 Volt dimmers of up to 277V, the Illumina provides a flexible propagation lighting solution for cultivators. The Illumina has an industry-standard 5-year LED and driver warranty.

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