China: 'Greenhouse growing flowers leads to a better profit'

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality of their life, and the flower industry has gradually become one of the promising emerging industries. Flower growers in Yining County and Gongliu County are optimistic about this industry, and with the support of the government, they are engaged in flower planting and exploring the benefits of the flowers.

Although the outdoor temperature is below 0°C, the smart greenhouse of the Huahuinong Flower Professional Cooperative in Sadikeyuzi Township, Yining County, still remains warm inside. Anthuriums, hydrangeas, spider plants and other flowers are having delightful growth, and flower farmers are busy with flower seedlings. After sieving and sterilizing the soil, the technicians instructed staff to put 3000 cyclamen flower seedlings into pots. These flowers will be the first choice for people to decorate houses during the Spring Festival.

He Yongtao, a technician of the cooperative, said: “Cyclamen has relatively high requirements for soil quality. It must be mixed with imported peat soil, vermiculite, and a certain amount of organic fertilizer.”

The flower seedlings that have just been potted are very delicate. In addition to controlling the temperature, humidity, and radiation, the staff should also water, fertilize, and prevent and control diseases and insects in a timely manner to increase the survival rate of the seedlings. It is understood that in 2018, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province counterparty supported the Yining County Working Group to build two 3,900 square meters of smart glass greenhouses for the local cooperative through the Xinjiang support project. The light, nutrition, temperature, etc. required by the flowers are intelligently and precisely controlled, which is not affected by the outdoor climate and seasons, which solves the problem of insufficient seedling conditions for flower farmers in winter. The cooperative cultivates 4 million flowers every year, with an economic benefit of about 2 million RMB, and promotes local employment.

Tie Xiumei, an administrator of the Flower Professional Cooperative, said: “The first batch of 200,000 plants are grown in the greenhouse, the second batch is 600,000 plants, and the third batch is 800,000 plants. A total of more than 2 million plants and flowers are cultivated a year to prepare to go on the market next spring."

In the Jinyuan Flower Base of Gongliu County, hundreds of flowers are growing well, and the greenhouses are filled with the fragrance of flowers. Zhang Miao, the flower grower meticulously takes care of the flowers every day. "These flowers are the treasures of our family. We all rely on them to make a good profit. At present, there are hundreds of varieties of flowers in our family." Zhang said.

Planting flowers locally has fewer transportation links and lower costs in terms of sales, which has great advantages. The local community actively encourages and guides residents to develop flower planting, and opens up new channels for residents to increase income. The Jinyuan Flower Base has grown to more than 100 varieties of flowers, which has set a good example for flexible employment in the community and opened up new ways to increase income.

Source: Yili Radio and Television Station

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