"There is a very high demand for healthy, hardy garden roses and especially when they are named after well know people or songs," says Rosa Eskelund of Roses Forever. And this Danish rose breeder knows it, because many of her varieties have been baptized by famous, mostly Scandinavian, people. And now, even Mayte Garcia, Prince's wife who he wrote the song 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' for, received her own rose.

Baptized by HRH Crown Princess Mary with Mayte Garcia by her side

The rose named 'The Most Beautiful' is part of the Plant'n'Relax series and has been developed especially for Garcia. It has finally been baptized this summer in Denmark by HRH Crown Princess Mary herself with Mayte Garcia by her side. Crisp tones of beautiful Prince melodies filled the stage and the square in Odense Denmark, where several thousand had turned up for the baptizing. A large delegation of Prince fans from the USA was also present.

'The Most Beautiful'
'The Most Beautiful' is characterized by its easiness to grow and long flowering. "To fit the Plant'n'Relax series, it must be easy grow and the plants must remain fine until well long into autumn , the roses must remount and also be durable for bouquets in the living room. The scent is an added bonus and it really sells", Rosa says.

Soon, budwood will go to the USA
Soon 'The Most Beautiful' budwood will travel to the USA where they will be produced at selected nurseries. In Denmark, the largest nurseries have already planted quite a few this year.

the fields before the baptismday

Several new varieties added
All in all, it has been a busy summer for Roses Forever as several new Plant'n'Relax varieties have been released to the market.

Mayte Garcia planting her own rose The Most Beautiful in a park the day after the baptism.

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