Now it’s time to experience the creations of floral designers Andy Hopper and Erin Esensee. Andy and Erin are part of the design team at HEB Bloom, a full-service floral shop within the renowned supermarket chain HEB with locations throughout the state of Texas. 

Andy has always been a natural-born designer. Although he has always loved flowers since he was young, he started as an interior designer. Around 20 years ago, he picked up floral design after his interior design business slowed down during the 9/11 aftermath. One of his clients asked him to design a wedding, and from there, his career in the floral industry was born. Andy draws inspiration from fashion, art, and nature. He loves collecting art and watching fashion shows to stay on top of trends.  

Erin’s career in the floral industry started when she was just a teenager working in a Southern California-based flower shop. As an adult, she joined the HEB team as a floral manager, then eventually worked her way up to being the floral director. She recruited Andy to the HEB Bloom design team in 2016.

Andy Hopper AIFD – Head Designer for HEB Blooms

For this dinner, Andy is approaching the design process the old-fashioned way. He drew everything in a sketchbook and counted all the tables, sugar skulls, and other props; and measured everything in levels to ensure accuracy and detail. 

Erin Esensee in the fields at Arnosky Family Farms

Andy and Erin are excited to make this Field to Vase Dinner a tactile, immersive experience. They are also looking forward to incorporating unique cultural elements into the event. Since this dinner focuses on the Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, attendees can expect beautiful marigold garlands, festive hand-crafted sugar skulls, golden candelabras, an ofrenda, and more. “Day of the Dead is all about reflecting on your loved ones who have passed on,” Andy said. “We hope to bring it full circle and make it a beautiful yet traditional way to have a Day of the Dead dinner party. It’s about bringing a piece of those who have left with you and capturing the feeling of family and community.” Sugar skulls to adorn the tables

Aside from capturing the beauty of Día de Los Muertos, Andy and Erin look forward to showcasing the beauty of Arnosky Family Farm and all that the Texas Hill Country has to offer in the table’s design. Andy hopes to create jaw-dropping “ahh” moments for attendees that make them want to take photos of their surroundings, and Erin is excited to bring people in the community together. “I’ve been to lots of events, and there’s nothing like a field to vase dinner,” Erin said. “There’s nothing that can duplicate the feeling of it.”

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