AgriFORCE Growing Systems announced it will be granted a patent, titled “Automated Growing Systems,” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) related to proprietary systems and technologies within the company’s controlled environment agriculture facility, FORCEGH+.

The patent is the first to be issued among a group of patent applications related to the company’s automated grow systems, with this patent specifically covering the grow channel component, which allows a range of plants to be grown within a single channel. AgriFORCE has developed specific, data-driven cultivation strategies that start at tissue culture/micropropagation and that result in crops reaching their full genetic potential. Throughout the plant’s life cycle, these proprietary and integrated systems provide sustainable and holistic solutions.

“We continue to enhance and strengthen our intellectual property portfolio, which is core to our strategy,” commented Ingo Mueller, Chief Executive Officer of AgriFORCE. “With this granted patent, we are protecting our innovative technologies and designs that achieve higher crop yields through sustainable processes. The issuance of this latest patent is particularly timely as we lay the foundation for the development of the first Coachella Campus for our proprietary FORCEGH+ CEA facility. We believe our revolutionary facility design combined with our advanced indoor agriculture systems represent the next generation of food and plant production for consumers.”

“This patent award is a significant milestone, as it represents the first patent granted by USPTO in a series of patent applications submitted and is vital in our progression towards making agriculture clean, green, and better. With this patent, we are covering important aspects of our fully integrated technologies that differentiate our solutions from others in the market. We are proud to build upon our robust IP portfolio and expect to announce additional developments related to FORCEGH+ and other IP-driven initiatives in the coming months,” stated Troy McClellan, President of AgriFORCE Solutions.

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