Bloomin’ Easy® is to showcase its new faster finishing
Private Jet™Thuja occidentalis at the 2023 Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) from January 11-13 in Baltimore, MD. Private Jet offers a dense and columnar habit with a rich emerald color, but the most exciting improvement is its accelerated growth rate of up to 24 inches per year. 

“Private Jet (sold in Europe as 'King of Brabant') roots and finishes containers significantly faster than any comparable cedar we’ve seen or that our customers have seen,” says Van Belle Youngplants Director of Sales Jeff O’Brien. “We have growers subbing large portions of their ‘Smaragd’ crop with Private Jet because it’s shaving a year off production time which equals more cash and profits for their nursery.”

“The value of achieving a beautiful and dense privacy hedge in nearly half the time is hard to ignore,” says Bloomin’ Easy Consumer Marketing Manager, Madison House. “Everything about Private Jet makes it an easy choice for growers, landscapers, garden centers, and the young homeowners we engage with.”

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