In the Dutch gerbera crop, the rotation will soon take place again. The production of Multigrow Gerbera pots has already started in order to deliver everything on time. To ensure quality and continuity, product manager Charles Vijverberg regularly monitors production.

Advantages of the Multigrow Gerbera pots
The 3.3-liter pot is filled with cubes and covered with a disk. Both are made of Multigrow Premium rock wool. This type of rock wool is produced with formaldehyde-free binder and is therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Charles Vijverberg: "The airy fiber structure of the Multigrow Gerbera Substrate Pots allows the roots to penetrate the cubes easily and quickly. Moreover, this rock wool retains water longer. In the winter period, it is easier to water, and the rock wool drains more easily. Also, the roots take root throughout the pot because the rock wool is more airy."

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