Tetiana and Nutcia Ofrym's family from Nyzhnia Apsha from Zakarpattia in Ukraine is cultivating over 70 different tulip varieties, aiming to compete with Dutch imports. In a specially equipped facility, they grow over 200,000 tulips, importing cooled bulbs from the Netherlands.

Tetiana emphasizes that the quality of the bulbs determines the success of tulips. They plant them at the beginning of December.

They have mastered tulip cultivation technology to date. Tulips are grown in a specially equipped room, the technical equipment crafted by Tetiana's husband, Nutcia. The room maintains strict temperature control, regulating tulip maturation.

The couple works together with their children, with men focusing more on the technical aspects while the girls handle the creative side.

Tulips are the most popular flowers in Ukraine for International Women's Day. Consequently, the tulip flowering season begins at the end of February. However, to ensure timely bulb maturation, all cultivation technology conditions must be met, as the flower undergoes several processing stages beforehand.

After cutting the flowers, they are packed in bundles of 25 and stored in a special refrigerator, strictly adhering to temperature norms.

By the way, bulbs cannot be reused; new ones must be purchased yearly.

The family is jointly developing their beloved business and, despite all obstacles, plans to continue increasing the number of cultivated flowers.

Source: zakarpatpost.net