In the heart of Turkey's cut flower production hub, the southwestern province of Antalya, preparations for Valentine's Day are in full swing, with a noteworthy demand from Europe worth a staggering $7 million in vibrant flower exports.

"The most important color for Valentine's Day is red. Since our most abundant item is carnations, we sent a significant number of red carnations. We have made shipments to about 30 countries in Europe so far. We will continue with our last shipments until Feb. 7, even by airplanes," said İsmail Yılmaz, the president of the Middle Anatolia Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters' Association (OAİB).

Yılmaz stated that 65 to 70 million branches of carnations were exported, generating nearly $7 million in revenue for Valentine's Day.

"We are hopeful about 2024. Compared to the previous year, economic conditions have entered a period of recovery all over the world. We have Feb. 14 Valentine's Day ahead of us. As trucks reach Europe in about six days from here, we are in the last few days of our Valentine's Day shipments," Yılmaz said.

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