Just 3,4 years ago they expanded the greenhouse, but the place is getting too small for them already. “So, we are enlarging our growing area. An old building that we were using as sort of a cupboard was demolished and we’re now replacing it with 3500 meters of 'high-rise'."

This was explained by Ed Griekspoor of Mopabloem, a large flower company in Rijsenhout, the Netherlands. The company grows many millions of tulips on water on a yearly basis, after which they find their way to all corners of the world.

Mopabloem isn’t the only company experiencing a growth spurt; the entire tulips sector has seen a growth acceleration in recent years. "If you look at the numbers the market processed 10 years ago and compare it to now, the growth is almost unimaginable. The tulip is becoming the rose of the past. In my mind this is mainly because of the supermarkets. They all want tulips on the shelf."

Constant lines
Mopabloem also depends on the supermarkets. "We directly supply major retail consignments, nothing through the florists clock. We also seek out constant lines as much as possible. This makes a market like Russia, for example, less interesting to us: on Women’s Day you can get a couple of big orders once a year, but nothing after that. We try to bind customers to us and spread deliveries as much as possible."

The construction progress can be followed on the company’s Facebook page. It should be completed by mid-September - and that should happen, because everything is going according to schedule. The last concrete has been poured and building can begin.

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