Do I give my baskets the right amount of water? It is a big guess for many growers and inspired Michigan growers Jared and Jordan Dekker of Dekker Brothers Greenhouse in Hudsonville. Together with Len Logsdon, they designed a watering solution for hanging baskets by using the weight as starting point. The solution is named the Control Dekk OASIS and can be installed on new or existing greenhouse cable conveyors.

Last year, we published an article on the Control Dekk Oasis with more information about this ingenious system on the FloralDaily newsletter and recently, Len Logsdon posted a video of how the watering part of the system works on his LinkedIn page.

This 18 second video shows how three baskets on the same line are watered with different amounts of water. Each basket is weighed then watered according to its individual need. Reduced manual labor for grower, improved plant quality, less water on floor/plants below, reduced water and chemical usage.

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