Schneider Youngplants is offering young plants propagated from both cutting and seed for the ornamental plant sector and has newly started to serve the hobby vegetable and herb growers by recently expending the assortment with over 60 new varieties.

Due to the constant growth of the company in the past few years, Schneider had to outsource part of the production to rental locations in order to meet the demand of customers during peak production periods. To improve the schedule and increase the production volumes, the company has decided to invest in two new cutting planting robots, purchased from the ISO Group, in order to face the upcoming season (which we expect to be even busier than the last one).

"We are pleased that Schneider Youngplants has also opted for the ISO Cutting Planter 2500. In concurrence with Schneider we have come up with a layout of cutting planting robots and logistics where no concessions to the current system are required, fitting in line with the existing logistics of the Schneider company", says Paul Blom, Product and Sales Manager of ISO Group.

The ISO Cutting Planter 2500 is suitable for various types of cuttings from a large variety of plants. The robot is flexible and can be adapted to work with different media and tray size types. With a capacity of up to 2500 cuttings per hour the whole machine line requires only one operator. This represents a saving in man power and time, while producing higher planting ratios compared to the use of only manual labor. Furthermore, the ISO Group offers a comprehensive training program for staff involved in handling the robot.

Schneider will demonstrate the new machines on the 6th International Partner's meeting, to take place at the company's growing facilities in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.

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