After a long introduction, the validation process has started for a mobile measuring installation with which the growers can test the water quality in their company on the spot. Andre van der Wuff: "Laboratory analyses are valuable but there is also a need for continuous security. An affordable mobile installation would take the care out of the hands of cultivation managers. In the coming months, we will see if the prototype matches our expectations."

"Water quality quickly measured" has been set up to stimulate the transition from throughput of water to circulation in greenhouse horticultural companies. A clearer and real-time insight into the water quality helps growers to make adjustments if necessary and to longer use the irrigation water, a need prevalent at nursing companies with their relatively (very) short cultivation cycles. 

It comes as no surprise that the mobile measuring installation, which is now being tested by Stichting Control in Food & Flowers (SCFF), will be put to use at a plant nursery in a few months. 

Plantum is closely involved in this project which was aimed at developing a flexible and affordable measuring concept for horticulture from the start. The three other research partners are Groen Agro Control, KWR Water and Sendot Research The most important financers are Water en Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmateriaal, STOWA (the knowledge center for the water boards) and Glastuinbouw Nederland (Stichting Programmafonds Glastuinbouw. 

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