Clearing and shredding crops at a rate of 1 or even 1.5 hectares per hour requires serious machinery. That's when Hortiworld comes in. For years, the Bio Bull machines, with their 'brute bull strength,' have been chopping and removing crops for growers, sometimes even fully electrical engines. However, the development of the Bio Bull with a combustion engine is not standing still. Since the middle of this year, completely redesigned versions of the 160 and 310-hp machines have been on the market. They are already in operation in Belgium, Mexico, and Spain.

Lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs
The 160 hp version of the Bio Bull can clear 1 hectare of crop per hour, and the 310 version even 1.5 hectares per hour. "Compared to the previous version, there is improved crop intake and output and a proprietary shredding cage with increased capacity," emphasizes Rembrandt van Meegen. Together with his partner Peter Oosterink, he develops machines for the agri and horti world.

The redesigned machines are still relatively compact. "That catches your eye right away, especially if you compare that to what you find elsewhere in the market."

Workable and maneuverable
The company has collected and listened to users' feedback to improve their machines. That's how they found out that such machines must be able to move in greenhouses' limited spaces. "These redesigned versions fit perfectly through a 2.20-meter high door. The buffer can even be easily removed to turn every corner in a greenhouse."

In the Netherlands and Belgium, contractors mainly use the Bio Bull. "Internationally, we see that growers mainly purchase machines themselves. A few years ago, the Bio Bull CS Compact was often the smaller variant, but nowadays, a high capacity is a requirement for larger companies."

Dual function
One of the international users of the latest version of the Bio Bull has the 160 hp version equipped with an additional discharge belt. "With this, you can turn the product out of the greenhouse without shredding it. With the same capacity of 1 hectare per hour, turning mats or other products out of the greenhouse is possible. We see that this is very interesting for companies that only want to purchase one machine or for contractors who only have to take one machine to a job. In this way, the Bio Bull has a dual function during crop rotation." The first redesigned machine was already delivered to Cualin Quality, a grower in the Spanish Almería, in June. The grower has already run it for 250 hours to satisfaction."

Redesigned Bio Bull at work at Cualin Quality in Spain

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