How do trade barriers affect logistics? How is artificial intelligence going to help the transport and logistics industry? And what can robots do in warehouses?

Find the answers in DSV’s first Forward Logistics report - a collection of insights for anyone interested in logistics provided by some of DSV's most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable experts. The report covers a wide range of topics and focuses on subject matter that is relevant now – not just 10 years from now.

The insights in this report will also be published as individual articles over the next few months with updated statistics, new developments, and fresh perspectives. The company also expects to release brand new transport and logistics insights on a regular basis going forward.

Excerpts from Forward Logistics 2019

  • Studies show that 90% of start-ups fail. Many of them because they neglect to focus on going to market – including logistics. See our tips for getting started on a logistics setup.
  • The raw materials used in 3D printers are now so refined they are accelerating the advancement of 3D printing technology. Is 3D printing entering a new phase?
  • DSV's lead logistics experts have compiled ten ways to reduce transportation costs using their vast experience in supply chain improvement.
  • Your supply chain reporting needs to show you more than just how well things are running. It also needs to show you where you can improve. Uncovering the gold in your supply chain requires more than just data crunching.

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