The Nomination Committee nominated Matthijs Barendse, Uri Bruck, Rotem Dvir, Martien Kroon, Arno van der Maarel, Mirjam van der Meer and Karolien Tesselaar for appointment as Royal FloraHolland Members' Council members starting 1 January 2021.

In addition, five Members' Council members will be nominated for reappointment. The Members' Council election will run from 1 to 10 December. In this period, all members can vote.

How does the inflow and outflow of the Members' Council work?
On 1 January 2019, the new Members' Council started off with 42 members. The members are appointed for a period of four years. They can then be reappointed for a further four years. To prevent the entire Members' Council suddenly consisting of new members, a Resignation Schedule was established. In this way, the inflow and outflow is evenly distributed over the years.

In accordance with this schedule, five members will now be nominated for reappointment. They can be re-elected for a further four years. Six members will resign from the Members' Council according to the schedule. The point of departure is that the Members' Council will consist of 35 to 45 members ensuring a good reflection of the total membership. Members' Council members can, of course, choose to resign prematurely.

Following a careful selection process, the Nomination Committee has selected seven new candidates. They will be nominated for appointment as Members' Council members as from 1 January 2021.

The candidates are:

  • Matthijs Barendse, region Noord Nederland, Netherlands
  • Uri Bruck, Israel
  • Rotem Dvir, Israel
  • Martien Kroon, region Aalsmeer/Flevoland, Netherlands
  • Arno van der Maarel, region Westland, Netherlands
  • Mirjam van der Meer, region Westland, Netherlands
  • Karolien Tesselaar, region Aalsmeer/Flevoland, Netherlands

Five Members' Council members are nominated for re-election for a further four years. They are: Leon Ammerlaan, Niels de Groot, Herman de Jong, Martien Middelburg and Ed Stofbergen.

Six members will resign from the Members' Council according to the resignation schedule. They are: Frans van den Bos, Fred Bunnik, Jaap Evers, Paul Koenraadt, Avner Sheer and Martien van der Weijden. Three Members' Council members are resigning voluntarily as from 31 December 2020. They are: Wim Koolhaas, Zelalem Messele and Walter Straathof.

Follow-up process in summary
Members can cast remote electronic votes from 1 December to 10 December. Unfortunately, it is not possible to vote in the voting booths this year, since Cooperative Day will be held online.

The candidates will be appointed once a majority of the votes have been cast for him or her. The new Members' Council members will be officially made known on Cooperative Day. Next year, there will be another opportunity for members to put themselves forward as candidates for the Members' Council.

Source: Royal FloraHolland