In its third generation and with more than 65 years of experience, it is the goal of Gartenbau Rath to cultivate top quality as well as a varied, interesting and consumer-friendly assortment.

From the small vegetable garden of his parents, Rudolf Rath, as a trained gardener, has built up a successful family business. The focus was directed towards the wholesale trade in order to supply companies from outside the industry, such as home improvements stores or supermarkets.

The great demand, combined with his own high quality standards, were decisive for the rapid growth of the family business. Under 10,000 m² glass surface and 20,000 m² foil houses, the most diverse flower cultures are cultivated for commercial and private customers.

Since 2007, daughter Verena Rath has been involved in the business and runs the company together with her parents, her partner and another employee.

Automation at Horticultural Farm Rath
After Gartenbau Rath had already used several Visser products for automation, it was decided to optimize the existing machinery by adding two potting machines TM 2400E and TM 2400DR and two bale breakers BZ 6160 from Mayer. 

  • The Mayer TM 2400E is characterized not only by the wide range of pot sizes that can be used, but also by its peak output of up to 4,000 pots per hour.
  • Thanks to a constantly centred and exact planting hole drilling, the TM 2400DR creates perfect conditions for consistently favourable cultivation conditions and constant plant quality – and this at up to 7,000 pots/h. 
  • The Mayer BZ 6160 processes big-bales up to 2.7 m and its particularly ergonomic design allows for easy handling. 

The Mayer pot destacker Potjet 2, which has been newly integrated into the workflow, allows the individual pots to be selected and controlled via touchscreen operation. Despite a wide range of pot sizes, Gartenbau Rath is now able to change the pot sizes without high set-up times. Thanks to the sophisticated control system on the Potjet 2, up to 1,000 different pot sizes and manufacturers can be stored and recalled. 

The complete automation of the potting process with products from Visser and Mayer guarantees the best and consistent plant quality.

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