“We take our roses seriously, and we have given it all the love and care just as the consumer would for their gift. Our farmers tend them and care for the roses even after they bloom for two extra weeks than others. Then after harvesting, our artisans extend more care, making them special,” said the spokesperson of Luxe Rose.

Lux Rose helps people gift someone luxe roses, indicating how much the sender cares and loves the recipient. Moreover, the brand customizes roses to make something classy and unique that not many have already given. People can choose fresh roses or preserved roses.

The brand picks up the roses from the farmers in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, who take care of roses just so that they bloom fully and get their pleasant aroma. This said, the artisans, aka the florists at Luxe Rose, select the choicest flowers and make them in bouquets with 12, 24, 36, 48, or even 100 roses.

Furthermore, the artisan at Luxe Rose uses the French crystal vase to make these bouquets and the Italian Ruscus greens. Then they pass the quality checks and arrangements before they design them and arrange them. However, if the sender wants explicitly to go for the preserved roses, they have to ask for them. The florists at the NYC workshop will extend all the care to treat them and make them remain fresh for years to come.

The florists experiment with colors and can give the buyers the options of several shades from light pink to bright turquoise, peach, and everyone’s favorite, red. Furthermore, buyers can also subscribe to roses weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly of their choice.

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