Investors find their way to the horticultural industry to fund both growers and suppliers. Here are 10 stories we published in 2022 on money in the greenhouse industry. 

New investor & new Managing Director for Van Dijk Heating

Greenhouse Technology Group is the new owner of Van Dijk heating B.V., which specializes in climate and heating technology for greenhouse horticulture. The reason for the takeover is the resignation of managing director Hans Harting. He was succeeded by Freek van Rijn, who took up his duties on April 11. 

Dutch high-tech greenhouses catch the attention of investors from outside the sector

Advances in protected cropping technology, particularly in semi-closed greenhouses and control systems based on artificial intelligence, enable nurseries to be built and crops produced in places where previously it would have been unfeasible to grow anything well or profitably. Dutch high-tech greenhouses are catching the attention of investors from outside the traditional horticultural industry who, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic, can see opportunities for production nearer to markets to avoid the risks currently associated with international trade.

Jim Rusk looking for investors for plant farm

"The farm is a multi-million dollar gross earner and has the potential to double or triple those earnings"

In August, we posted this article about this 40+ years plant farm in Texas. "The farm is a multi-million dollar gross earner and has the potential to double or triple those earnings. Additionally, expanding into cut flowers is easily attainable", said Jim Rusk, who's, together with his team, looking for investors to help with this endeavor at that time. They have years of experience in growing all kinds of plants in their greenhouse. 


Analysis by Ruud van der Vliet

Private equity is inextricably linked with Dutch greenhouse horticulture

Private equity is an integral part of the business world and therefore also of greenhouse horticulture. In fact, private equity is the basic financing of every company. Private equity transactions have received a lot of attention in the media in recent years. A relatively large number of transactions are taking place. Many investors are looking for (higher) returns. Partly for this reason, private equity is a much-used alternative or supplement for companies to bank financing. In the article, which appeared in the March edition of the trade journal Primeur, Ruud van der Vliet provides his analysis.

Melbourne flower delivery service Lvly snatched up by Malaysian investor

Flower delivery service Lvly has been acquired for $35 million by Malaysian e-commerce company Limitless Technology. As part of the deal, co-founder Hannah Spilva will take a seat on the board of Limitless Technology, while Verity Tuck will leave the business. Together, the duo will receive around $20 million from the acquisition.

Maarten van Dijk and Mariëlle Ansems- Van Mourik, BDO Accountants & Advisors:

"Private Equity has Food & Flower sector in its sights"

"In recent years, we have seen the Food & Flowers market being discovered much more by Private Equity parties. Until a few years ago, this interest was fairly low, but it has been rising strongly in recent years," note Maarten van Dijk and Mariëlle Ansems-Van Mourik of BDO Accountants & Advisors, both working in the Corporate Finance department.

Large investment funds are buying up agri properties in Spain and Portugal

There is a growing number of investors buying up companies in the primary sector, as well as agricultural land, simply because they are profitable and have become an investment product. Héctor Rodríguez, associate director of Agribusiness: "In other areas, such as the United States or Australia, they are mature assets, but agriculture in Spain and Portugal has not always been visible to investors. However, that has changed, it has matured, it is now much more technological, and that has facilitated the entry of institutional investors who see it as an alternative in the medium and long term."

'PB tec can look forward to a golden future with Atrium Agri'

Investor Victus Participations passes the baton to Atrium Agri

Just before the year ending in 2021, Atrium Agri published a press release announcing the complete acquisition of VB Group and Havecon. The full acquisition of PB tec was also announced at the same time, including the part owned by investment company Victus Participations. 'With the acquisition of Atrium Agri, we are in fact buying back our own company,' says Koen Brabander of PB tec.

Australia: Flower Power digs up $500m private equity buyout

At the beginning of the year, Australian investment firm Alceon Group is closing in on a deal to acquire Sydney-based garden center chain Flower Power that could value the retailer and its properties at close to $500 million. It is understood Alceon, which mostly invests on behalf of wealthy Australian families, has emerged as the preferred bidder after an auction run by Ord Minnett's corporate finance team and is in exclusive discussions. 

Moleaer closes $40 million funding round

Moleaer announced the closing of its $40 million Series C financing round led by funds managed by Apollo (NYSE: APO) and joined by Husqvarna, a strategic partner, and existing investors.


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