Agrithermic, a French expert in energy management and strategies for greenhouse growers, has developed EnerSerre®, a software that allows anyone planning to build a greenhouse to accurately calculate energy consumption and help them make the right investment decisions.

Director Vincent Stauffer explains that “it tells you how much energy you will consume during one year in a specific greenhouse design on the desired location, taking numerous parameters, such as energy sources or water temperatures, into account. It is useful for growers, but also for consultants and greenhouse builders.”

Stauffer explained that EnerSerre also works for retrofitting. “If you want to find out if a new screen will be cost-effective or not, the software will look at the energy saving, investment and calculate the payback.”

The EnerSerre® energy calculation software is tailored to the specifics of greenhouses and is used to accurately scope your needs. It takes modern equipment (semi closed-greenhouse, open buffers, dehumidifiers, etc.) into consideration.

Agrithermic has EnerSerre available unde licence, and can also provide consultancy services. Several greenhouse builders, like Richel and Hortere, are already using the software.

For more information:
Vincent Stauffer
M: + 33 479 72 40 59+ 33 479 72 40 59

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