Dutch installer of greenhouse screens Holland Scherming celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2017 and looks at the future with confidence.

"We see a continuous increase in orders from both new and existing clients," says Peter Rense of Holland Scherming, based in Maasdijk since 2007. "Some existing clients work with us ever since the company started back in 1987."

Peter Rense of Holland Scherming

"Most of our installers have worked with us from the very first beginning. For service and maintenance, they are the company’s most important representatives. Over the years, they’ve built up a valuable relationship with our regular Dutch clients."

Internationally, the company is also doing well. Peter Rense: "More and more often, companies abroad see the major advantages of the use of greenhouse screening. In the meantime we have completed a large amount of projects in The United States, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Poland and lots of other European countries. The projects vary greatly; we install greenhouse screening in both plastic greenhouses and glasshouses, horizontal or vertical screening installations, indoor or outdoor.
We also notice a great variety in project sizes. Sometimes we mount screening installations in large, newly built turnkey greenhouses. With other projects, for instance in research greenhouses, we deal with a lot of very small spaces. Almost all projects are fully customized, which means we can always show our expertise."

The company will expand their capacity with new mounting platforms over the next few months. To work with these platforms, Holland Scherming is looking for extra installation personnel. Furthermore, an international sales manager will be added to the sales team. "Both jobs mean partially working abroad," Peter Rense continues. "So everyone with a positive working attitude who likes to travel and who is looking for a diverse job with an ambitious company, is invited to apply."

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