Bridge Greenhouses have recently completed three new glasshouse projects for the Royal Horticultural Society as part of the widescale development plan at RHS Garden Wisley.

The first glasshouse is a bespoke portal framed widespan structure that helps shape the grand entrance of the new plant centre. The glasshouse is linked directly onto the main visitor centre building with a glass corridor leading into the gardens at the rear. The build includes automatic doors, glazed canopy area with over 40 individual roll tube shade screens which follow the roof line of both the main structure and the canopy area. A new environment control computer controls the screens and vents.

The second project was a multi-compartmented propagation glasshouse, a reception glasshouse, a multi-compartmented reception poly tunnel and a shade hall. This modern facility is to be used to grow plants for the public gardens around RHS Wisley. This was an extensive project that included groundworks, roadways, car park, screens, heating, electrics, environmental controls, irrigation, benching and a cladded frontage which houses the offices, working areas and the welfare facilities.

For the third project, Bridge installed the new “Infill” glasshouse as part of the service glasshouses for the Bicentennial Tropical Glasshouse. The structure had to connect to existing Venlo structures as well as the curved glass side of the Bicentennial house, making this small glasshouse relatively complex. It consisted of 4 zones which included LED grow lights, mobile benches, shade screens, blackout screens, heating, irrigation and electrics.

Bridge Greenhouses are a specialist company for construction and equipping of modern commercial greenhouses for growers, garden centre operators and research organisations, offering all services including turnkey projects, new and used glasshouses, thermal/shade/blackout screens, all forms of heating, electrics & controls, HPS & LED lighting, irrigation, benching and container systems.

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