Meet Insights, the successor of FloraneXt. Insights provides real-time insight into price and market developments, making it easier to set a good price for clock presales and direct trade. The clear, graphic presentation of information also makes it easy to spot trends. Insights gives you all the important information you’re used to from FloraneXt and then a whole lot more!

What is Insights?
Insights is an app on Floriday that provides growers with immediate insight into price and market developments. Clock prices and turnovers are immediately made visible after the auction in a user-friendly dashboard. Here, you also find an overview of the most important buyers and the average price. The clock report quickly provides you with insight into the auction position within your own auction group, and you can compare yourself to other growers. It also gives you more insight into pricing at the different auction locations. The statistics tool makes it easy to compile personal reports that give you a clear idea of your pricing over time. You can also compare your own data to the auction data. 

Wim Ammerlaan of AQ Roses is one of the first growers to use Insights: "The market is becoming more complex by the day. For this reason, data is becoming increasingly more important for our operations. With Insights, we have quick access to clock prices, which in turn helps us set our own market prices, for example. I just a few clicks I can quickly make analyses and compare our position to that of other growers."

Now temporarily free for FloraneXt subscribers
Are you interested in the possibilities of Insights? There is a special offer for FloraneXt subscribers. They can discover Insights for free until 31 December 2019. 

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Source: Royal FloraHolland