New Hampshire grower D.S. Cole Growers, released its 2020-2021 Young Plant catalog and is now available online (PFD) and on their website And as in-person contact is limited these days owner Doug Cole does his utmost best to give a good impression of the varieties in the catalog. Besides sending out newsletters with detailed information on certain varieties, he also posts videos to give an - as real as possible - impression.

The cover of the catalog. A hard copy of the catalog has been mailed to our North American customers. If you have not received a catalog, please send a request to

The catalog consists of more than 900 varieties of young plants that are sourced from all over the world. Besides the proven favorites, several new items will be on offer. "Every year, we try to add new products based on the ever changing customer trends", Cole says. This year in their catalog, one will find new series, such as Capella Petunias, Sol Luna Impatiens, Caldera Geraniums, Colibri Calibrachoa, Fuchsita Fuchsia, Florencio Begonias, and Bacio Begonias. They are also adding three foliage collections (Bromeliad, Pilea and Hoya) and a new series of Durabella multi-liners.

As in-person contact is limited these days, Cole regularly posts videos on his YouTube page. In these short videos, several product groups are being highlighted. See the two videos below in which some Coleus and some Tradescantia varieties are being presented.  

Besides the videos, Cole also sends out e-newsletters with updates and some more detailed information on the availability of the plants, series or collection in question. An example of this newsletter is this one, the newsletter on the Rex Begonia. "We focused on the Rex Begonia varieties since they are new to our offering for the coming season. Fireworks has been on the market for many years but it is not grown in North America in large numbers.  We realized just how attractive it is and friendly to grow. The other 3 varieties are new to the American market and quite beautiful."

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