Köder Gartenbau has always been strong in perennials, grasses and hebe, as well as with award-winning pot carnation programmes. With its own Osteospermum series PopEyes®, the company also offers young plants for classic bedding and balcony growers. "With this series, we will be able to support our young plant sales team at home and abroad even better," assures Product Manager Andreas Rinnergschwentner.

The series name PopEyes says it all. "All varieties have an eye-catching ring in the blossom center. They are selected for good branching and do not require vernalisation. With their pronounced summer vigour and flowers that open at low light conditions, they are also ideal bee pastures and particularly attractive for marketing. PopEyes can be grown in sets into the autumn without any problems."

Johannes Köder: "We have a clear goal when it comes to our customers - to ensure an easy and successful production."

The company will be presenting the series and attractive PopEyes promotional materials for the first time at IPM 2024.

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