Germination and growing requirements for flowers, vegetables and herbs from seed can vary depending on the type of plant grown. With moisture, light, fertilizer and other considerations, there are many factors that influence germination and subsequent quality of seedling growth. However, there are also some common environmental growing conditions that can be applied to all seedling crops to produce quality seedlings/plugs.

1. Prioritize a Growing Medium with Fine Particles Designed for Seedling Production
There are many types of seed germination media available for seedling production. These products are composed of fine peat, perlite or vermiculite. Germination media formulated with fine perlite dry out a little faster than the ones formulated with fine vermiculite.

2. Take the Ingredients into Account when Choosing a Substrate, Depending on the Season
Fine perlite germination media are ideal for winter and high humidity production, whereas those with fine vermiculite are ideal for late spring through early fall or in conditions where the growing medium dries out rapidly.

3. Use a Growing Medium Specifically Adapted for the Type of Flowers or Vegetables you Grow
Also consider the plant’s growth rate and susceptibility to root diseases. Tomatoes, lettuce, impatiens, marigolds, zinnia, basil, etc. may perform better in a fine peat-fine vermiculite germination medium while spinach, thyme, begonia, pansy, vinca prefer a faster drying fine perlite-fine peat germination medium.

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