How to ensure sufficient future water supply for agriculture and horticulture? That’s an important question that Life Aclima wants to answer over the next five years with a promising European Union water project: Life Aclima.

Over the course of this Life-project, several partners will develop and demonstrate a wide range of technologies, management strategies, and measures at agricultural and horticultural practice centers in the province of Antwerp. These demonstrations will show farmers and horticulturalists that there are various possibilities for sustainable water availability on their farms, thus making the water landscape more climate-proof while respecting the environment.

"Water is an indispensable commodity in agricultural and horticultural sectors. But how to remain productive, let alone grow with less water usage? That’s the key question. There are various ways of saving water, ranging from preventing evaporation losses in water basins to cooling livestock buildings, and reducing drinking water consumption. Within Life ACLIMA, we research how the agricultural sector can optimize water usage", the researchers say.

In the greenhouse horticulture sector, they'll demonstrate how the current water basins can be used even better for storing rainwater under the changing climate.

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