Growing food safely also means paying attention to and caring for water storage. Bas van der Elst from Hendic understands the importance of this and will therefore soon receive his Foodgrade certificate for the DelafleX FPP silo liner material. At this moment, the final tests needed to achieve this are being completed for Hendic and DLPlastics.

Nicolle Peetoom and Bas van der Elst, Hendic

German standards
The Delaflex liner is tested according to the German Food Grade standards. Bas: "The reason for choosing German standards is simple. The German standards are the strictest standards in the drinking water certificate. This enables us to supply our Delaflex liners to the whole world with the drinking water and Food Grade certificate. And that is what we want."

Today's siloliners are largely made of FPP. FPP stands for Flexible Poly Propylene. This material does not excrete toxic substances into the water and has a very high UV resistance. And the material is resistant to the influences of fertilizers in the stored water.

Food grade vs. Food safe
"Food grade" is a term generally used to indicate that something is suitable for consumption or that it may come into contact with food.

"Food safe" is often used to mean that an article or material poses no risk to food safety (provided it is used for its intended purpose). Food safe does not mean suitable for consumption.

The DelafleX with the Foodgrade certificate supplies siloliners and liners for Hydroponic systems (e.g. lettuce on water). Bas believes that this is a great added value for food safety in our horticulture.

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