Besides assembling standard valves and taps, Power Plastics develops its own, customer-specific solutions.

One recent development is the Power Puls Venturi. In addition to the 600 liters per hour, the technical wholesaler has also recently developed the 1000 litres per hour four-in-one dosing solution.

The LinValve (linear metering valve) is also part of the product range. Power Plastics has this in five different capacities. The latest version is also available as a Twin Valve to ensure that AB buckets run in parallel.

Linear metering valve LinValve

The Twin Valve ensures that the AB buckets run in parallel.

To keep developing such products in-house, it must also be possible to test them. Niels van Rooyen: "Several employees with the required knowledge and experience are available within our company not only to design and develop products, but also to test them. The test rig has been developed in-house and is flexible enough to test the new products at various pressures and flows."

The assembly department

Assembly department
In recent years, Power Plastics has expanded its assembly department into a fully professional department where various specialists work. Niels: "We can quickly assemble large series, partly thanks to the large stocks of valves and actuators we have. The range of automated valves is enormous; from a ½" dosing tap to a double butterfly valve of 2 x DN400." Fun fact: "The largest automated valve ever delivered was a DN1100 cast iron butterfly valve for an industrial application."

"On top of that, because we are located under one roof together with Rutec Engineering, we also have some technical colleagues to support us. They ensure that specific production parts can be designed and manufactured quickly."

The testing set up

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