Even though breeding is still an important part of Elsner PAC's corporate business, the East German company has always had to adapt to new challenges in its eventful company history.

"The energy crisis is not only challenging for ourselves, but also for our customers. That is why we are stepping up the development of larger young plant products, semi-finished and pre-finished pot plants so that our customers in Europe themselves have to use less energy to finish them for retail," comments Jörg Mehle, Sales Manager at Elsner pac. Growers solution: ECO XXL young plant 

With the development of the ECO-XXL young plants, economically attractive products are offered to producing growers. Besides saving energy and labor, the preconditioned young plants are safer to grow. For some crops, the shortening of cultivation time accounts for up to 8 weeks. The company offers ECO XXL young plants in Pelargoniums, Solanaceae, and Herbs. With deliveries from the end of February to the end of April, growers can save a large part of their heating costs during the coldest months of the year.

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