Again many exhibitions in June 2017. The month took off with the IFTEX in Kenya, then the International Floriculture Expo in the US, the FlowerTrials in the Netherlands and Germany followed by Salon du Végétal in France and Hortitec in Brazil. But more happened, see the overview below.

Chris Lindley of Oserian on new packaging concept Cargolite:

"It's a game changer for the Kenyan flower industry"

Last year, a new packaging concept was introduced to the Kenyan flower industry and it now seems to change the 'look' of the Kenyan flower industry from a packaging point of view. "It is a real 'game changer' for the industry", says Chris Lindley of Oserian, a Kenyan rose farm that is using the Cargolite concept for about 12 months now. "The concept enables us to save on air freight costs, less crushing of boxes and therefore an improved quality of the product when arriving at destination." Lindley, the Oserian team and a team of IPL played a key role in introducing the Cargolite packaging concept to the flower industry. 

Grow-Tech joins the Dümmen Orange family

Grow-Tech, developer and manufacturer of grow plugs and microgreen growing media, is joining the family of businesses of Dümmen Orange. This step reflects the growing importance of scale in the plug business and the opportunity to serve the consolidating young plant growers around the world with innovative products.

Brandkamp expands compact lantana series after two-year break

For breeders it is important to expand their series with new varieties regularly. However, even though it might sound cliche, quality is preferred over quantity. German breeder and propagator Brandkamp, for example, did not expand its 'Tropic Lantana' line over the last two years as it could not find a variety that met all the requirements of this compact lantana line. "If a new variety does not fit the series, we'd rather not introduce it and skip a year, or two", says Jürgen von den Driesch, sales manager at Brandkamp. But this year, they are ready to add not just one, but three new varieties to this line.

Selecta France launched in new joint venture

Selecta one has launched a new member in the Selecta one group. Selecta France is a joint venture between Challet-Hérault, best-known in France and a young plant and breeding company for 125 years, and Selecta one.

Photo Report IFTEX 2017

Last week, the 6th edition of the International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) took place at the Oshwal Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The show offered the exhibitors and visitors a good opportunity to network and learn more about the possibilities of floriculture in East Africa. The team were also present at the show to make a Photo Report and to interview exhibitors and visitors.

'Calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic'

Selecta one wins FleuroStar Award

Calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic of Selecta one won the FleuroStar Award 2017/18. Breeder Anita Stöver accepted the prize from FleuroStar Committee Chairman Heike Gronemann and Fleuroselect President Herman Hamer.

US (IL): Photo impression International Floriculture Expo

The International Floriculture Expo came to an end yesterday. From June 13 – 15, 2017 around 200 companies presented their products and services at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The show featured displays of fresh cut flowers, foliage/potted plants, giftware/accessories, lawn/garden, and floral-related business services and attracts vendors and retail buyers from the floral industry. 

Photo Report FlowerTrials 2017

Novelties, mixes, concepts and much more was on display at the 59 breeders who participated in the FlowerTrials. With more breeders and locations to visit this year, visitors needed to schedule well. And this already indicates the success of the event. Even though the number of visitors is not known yet, the participants seemed to be satisfied. On top of that, the hot weather conditions moved the event more outdoors.

Photo impression:

France: Exhibitors shine at Salon du Végétal's new location in Nantes

Today, is the last day of Salon du Végétal. The show opened its door on June 20 at Parc de la Beaujoire in Nantes, France. This three-day event usually brings over 500 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors from France and abroad. This year, over 600 exhibitors and brands, take part in the show. 

Japanese garden type roses:

Wabara expands into new markets with exclusive partnerships

"Wabara will become a global brand". These are the ambitious words of Japanese grower and breeder Ken Kunieda of Rose Farm Keiji. The brand consists of Japanese garden type roses with unusual shapes and scents. Currently, five selected farms, including Rose Farm Keiji are cultivating and selling the brand. Uhuru Flowers, the selected farm in Kenya, recently joined the group and has placed the first varieties on the market in March 2017.

Swedish Midsummer boosts Dutch flower trade

Red, white and blue flowers were in high demand at Dutch ornamental exporters in the run-up to the Midsummer festivities celebrated in Sweden last Friday. In addition to what's probably the most important national holiday in Sweden, on which people put flowers in their hair, there were another two moments to give flowers recently: Mother's Day (May 28) and the end of the school year.

Photo impression Hortitec 2017:

Brazil: Despite crisis, opportunities for growth

The Brazilian horticulture industry is affected by the country's crisis, but the opportunities for growth seem to be huge. These chances are recognized by many in the industry and this was visible in the interest for one of Brazil's largest horticultural trade shows; Hortitec. "Even though the crisis, the show was visited by a similar number of people like last year", says Paco van der Louw of Asista, a local agent of several horticultural companies in Brazil. 

Kenya: Oserian aims to become carbon neutral

Becoming a carbon neutral farm is the goal of one of Kenya's largest flower farms; Oserian. For several years now, this 200 ha farm has been reducing its carbon footprint and is now home to a 50ha geothermal heating project, installed their own 3.8 megawatt power generator and are cultivating about 80 percent of their flowers hydroponically. Currently, they are in the middle of consolidating the farm, which will bring them again a step closer to becoming carbon neutral. At the beginning of June, we paid a visit to this farm.