April 2017 took off with the California Spring Trials (CAST), where many breeders showcased their novelties along the west coast of the US. And we stay in the US, with Ball acquiring Kordes' licensing rights from Newflora, and Benary and Volmary established a joint venture for North America. But, of course, more happened. Easter was celebrated, growers started their Mother's Day sales and the AstanaFloraExpo 2017 took place. 

Transaction gives Star Roses and Plants and Ball exclusive rights to sell Kordes garden and potted rose varieties throughout the U.S. and Canada

Ball acquires Kordes licensing rights from Newflora

Effective March 31, 2017 Ball Horticultural Company purchased the assets of Newflora® LLC, which included the master license to sell an extensive line of garden and potted rose offerings throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since 2003, Newflora has been the exclusive agent for Kordes®, the world’s largest breeder of roses.

Benary+ to sell directly to growers

Benary, Volmary establish joint venture for North America

As the industry has been and is continuing to undergo substantial changes, Benary, as an independent breeder of strong genetics has decided to start offering an alternative way to market its products to growers in North America. To make transactions more direct and efficient, as well as to increase the value for grower customers, Benary has joined forces with Volmary to create a new joint venture called Benary+.


Photo Report: California Spring Trials 2017

California was the center of the US floriculture sector from April 1-6, 2017 during the California Spring Trials. Growers, distributors and retailers found their way to 16 locations. The participating companies, breeders in particular, showcased their newest varieties, concepts and other innovations in a special way. FloralDaily was at the Trials to make an extensive Photo Report.

Japanese flower firm to invest in Da Lat

Japan’s Kawasaki Flora Auction Market Company Limited plans to invest in Da Lat floriculture to supply flowers to Japan and European countries.

Claire Levi, New Covent Garden Flower Market:

UK: 'Easter is the new Christmas'

Easter is around the corner and it seems to become an important holiday for several industries in the UK. "I have heard people saying that Easter is the new Christmas", says Claire Levi of the New Covent Garden Market in London. Florists are trying to take a piece of the pie and this was visible at the very crowded flower market this morning. "The traditional spring flowers are in high demand and as Easter falls a bit later this year there are many beloved narcissus and daffodils on offer." 

PanAmerican Seed to double ornamental pot plant offer

Ex-Plant has more than 20 years of experience in the innovative breeding of Capsicum, Solanum and Exacum. The Danish company Ex-Plant was acquired by PanAmerican Seed in January and now they can reveal the product line-up – providing customers with a taste of the future for the pot plants sector.

photoPhotos and a video:

Impression of AstanaFloraExpo 2017

From April 12-14, 2017, professionals from the flower industry, floristry, landscape architecture and design gathered in the Korme Exhibition center in the capital of Kazakhstan; Astana. The AstanaFloraExpo is said to be the only specialized exhibition held regularly both in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia.

Highlights at HMA Plants, PP&L, Cultivaris and Hem Genetics

What you missed at the CAST 2017

Many varieties were on display at the California Spring Trials 2017. So, even if you visited the event, you could have missed some. For this reason, FloralDaily.com will present several highlights that were on display at the participating companies in the coming weeks. In this article, we highlight the varieties of HMA Plants, Pacific Plug & Liner, Cultivaris and Hem Genetics. 

Torben Moth Madsen, Rosa Danica:

"40% more scented pot roses this Mother's Day"

"It's that time of the year again that the demand surpasses the supply", says Danish pot rose grower Torben Moth Madsen of Rosa Danica. In the run up to Mother's Day, celebrated on May 14, 2017 the demand for their pot roses is high and the demand for the scented ones increased. "It is the second year that they are producing the scented potted roses for Mother's Day and this year we increased the production by 40 percent."

Ethiopia: Rose prices low in run up to Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner, but the rose prices at the Dutch auction are still low. "The prices are about 25 percent lower than they should be during this time of the year", says Bereket Adane of Dugda Flora, an Ethiopian 25ha rose farm that mainly exports to the auction in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, on April 25, their first batch will be sent to the auction for Mother's Day that is celebrated on 14 May, 2017. According to Bereket, many expect the prices to increase by Friday, but he is still hesitant. 

Marco Heijnen:

Floricultura to establish new greenhouse facility in Holambra, Brazil

Floricultura is going to build a new production facility in Holambra, Brazil. Initially the greenhouse will measure 3000 square meters, with the possibility of future extensions. In the greenhouse, young phalaenopsis plants will be propagated and from there distributed to customers throughout the country. Currently the plot is leveled, construction itself will start in July and by the start of 2018 the first plants will be potted.

Anna Chernyavsky, Danziger:

'Mix to reach Millennials'

"It works great in combinations." This was an often heard quote at the California Spring Trials. Mixing several plant varieties in one container is very popular in the USA and it seems to be a good tool to reach the much-discussed Millennials. Breeders are increasingly more often supplying pre-made combinations or varieties that can grow well together. Also at Danziger's trial location, their so-called Mixis® were widely presented.